Vector Installer

V3.0.40 Console version & V2.1.97 Laptop version

Welcome to Vector!

To download Vector please complete the form and click on Submit

Once Vector is installed on your machine you have 3 days to license it , when that period is over you will not be able to use Vector until it has been licensed. 

There are 2 types of license available.

Demo - Free
To obtain a demo Vector license you can use the link presented in the Vector Licensing Window, which will auto generate an email with the correct details in.

Alternatively you can email, please include the unlock code presented in the Vector Licensing Window.

The key you are given to unlock Vector is only valid for the machine that the unlock code was generated from. It is not possible to use the same Vector license key on multiple machines. To do this you will need to obtain multiple licenses.

Full – Paid For
To obtain a full Vector license please contact your nearest Kinesys distributor.